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Thank you for your interest in joining the Egmont Key Alliance Committee by Take MAR. Below you will find different information regarding the different types of memberships. 

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When you become a member of the Egmont Key Alliance Committee you become a part of “restoring, preserving, and regenerating” Egmont Key and assist the Florida State Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife in its goals.

The Purpose

The purpose of the Egmont Key Alliance Committee is to support and assist the efforts of the Florida Park Service and the U.S Fish and Wildlife and:  

To restoring, preserving, and regenerating the island’s ecosystems 

To preserve the natural and historic heritage 

To develop visitor-friendly educational and interpretive program

With your help, our goals include: 

  • Trash and Debris Cleanups: we labor diligently to keep Egmont Key’s pristine environment free of litter and debris, promoting its natural beauty

  • Amenity Maintenance and Enhancement: We work towards the upkeep and improvement of essential amenities such as trash cans and picnic tables, to ensure visitors’ comfort and convenience

  • Erosion Control/ Renourishment: We engage in educational efforts and collaborate with key stakeholders to address erosion issues and seek viable solutions to protect the island’s shores 

  • Ecosystem Regeneration: We actively pursue initiatives aimed at preserving and restoring the island's ecosystems, recognizing their intrinsic value 

  • Historic Preservation: We strive to safeguard and conserve the historic structures that grace Egmont Key, maintaining a connection to its rich past 

  • Educational Programs: We develop visitor-friendly educational and interpretive programs to foster a deeper appreciation for the island’s natural and historic significance. 


What happened to the Egmont Key Alliance?

Since 1991 the EKA has done remarkable work on the island! This October 2023, the board of directors voted to transition the organization. Take MAR wants to keep its legacy, impact, and dedication, so we created a committee to honor their previous works, and continue working to restoring, preserving, and regenerating Egmont Key. We hope you join us!

I was a lifetime member of the EKA, does this mean I need a new membership?

No! If you were a lifetime member of the EKA your membership will automatically transfer to the EKAC membership, and will be honored.

Where do our membership funds go?

All membership donations are kept solely for the Egmont Key Alliance Committee, and will be used to further the mission of the committee.

I still have more questions, who can I contact?

We would love to answer all of your questions! Please send us an email to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

I do not want to be a member, but would like to donate to the EKAC. Where can I donate?

You can donate directly to Take MAR and leave a comment or a note, and we will make sure your donation goes into our EKAC fund.

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Mailing Address: 

6822 22nd Ave. N #324 

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

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