The Egmont Key Alliance

Egmont Key Lighthouse Restoration and Preservation Fund

Donor Honor Roll


United States Lighthouse Society                  Hansville, WA
The Steinwachs Family Foundation                Sarasota, FL
Florida Lighthouse Association                     St. Petersburg, FL
Friends of the Tampa Bay National
Wildlife Refuges                                          St. Petersburg, FL
Solutions Insurance                                      Tierra Verde, FL
Tierra Verde Business Partnership                Tierra Verde, Florida


Eric Martin                                                Orlando, FL
Richard Sanchez                                        Tampa, FL
Eric Husel                                                  Sarasota, FL
Gary Husel                                                 Sarasota, FL
Maynard and Joyce Saugstad                     St. Petersburg
Florence Fiorillo                                         Clearwater, FL
Don and Barb Capron                                 Cortez, FL
George H. Diller                                          KSC, FL
Nicole Jarvis                                                Brandon, FL
George Adams                                             Riverview, FL
Theresa and Joe Mansi                                 Tampa, FL
Barry Marler                                                 Tampa, FL
Mike and Patti Young                                   Tampa, FL
Mike and Joyce O’Halloran                          Holmes Beach, FL
Trevor and Deb McCarthy                             Wesley Chapel, FL
Ray and Suzy Olson                                       St Petersburg, FL
Janica Johnson                                                St. Petersburg, FL
Linda Wells                                                     Delaware, OH
Barbara and Mike Fite                                     Lutz, FL
Denise Carman                                               Pittsboro, NC
Gale Stemac                                                   San Antonio, FL
Sara Smelt                                                      Perry, GA
Kerry Brophy                                                 Jacksonville, FL
Vivian R. Turner                                            Tampa, FL
Wendy Cousins-Savage                                  St. Pete Beach, FL
Harold and Diane Dubendorff                        Clearwater, FL
Ron and Chris Ecker                                       Satellite Beach, FL 
Ruth McCullough                                            St. Petersburg, FL
Janice Platt                                                     Tampa, FL
Susan Cintron                                                 Brandon, FL
Charles Bessellieu                                           St. Petersburg, FL
Dave and Toni Cusick                                     St. Pete Beach, FL
Teri Long                                                         Orlando, FL
Jim and Tana Harper                                         Lutz, FL
Nick and Ginny Braden                                     St. Petersburg, FL
Ray and Angela Jones                                        St. Petersburg, FL
Scott Pownall                                                      Treasure Island, FL  
Bill and Birgit Gordon                                        St. Petersburg, FL
Sonia and Gary Wellinger                                   Reddington Shores, FL
Sharon Swan Tieszen                                           Fargo, ND


The Egmont Key Alliance is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit Corporation

P.O. Box 66238 St. Pete Beach, FL 33736


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